Thursday, April 8, 2010

When Baseball and Bad Spelling Collide - Giants Edition

About a year ago, I told you about how the Washington Nationals had a smidgen of trouble with spelling the nickname of their team correctly on a couple of jerseys  -- Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman played for the "Natinals" for one game.

April is early in the season for the players; they're still ramping up to mid-season form. Apparently it's also early for the jersey-makers. Wednesday, outfielder Eugenio Velez played for "San Francicso."

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Now, this one is a little easier to forgive -- I never spell Francisco right the first time (which is a pain because the Twins have a player by that name) -- but it's still kind of funny.

According to the article, he didn't even know until the reporter called him to ask him about it. But, really, who proofreads the front of their shirts?


CapitalBabs said...

heh.. why do you think I call him Franky? *laugh*

Sarah said...

Wait...the Tuesday night game or the Wednesday afternoon game? Because I will be *pissed* at myself for not noticing it on Tuesday. :)

k-bro said...


Wednesday. I guess I shouldn't have said "last night."