Monday, April 19, 2010

When Baseball and Bad Spelling Collide - Double Play


This, from my friends over at Alright Hamilton.
Er, it's PIRANHA.

So, this guy's been walking around with this, um, typo for four years. Dude, if you're gonna spend $100 (I checked; that's what the cheapest personalized jerseys cost) on a shirt, you might want to look the word up. And Google ain't good enough (trust me, there are plenty of misspelled blogs and websites out there to that display when you enter it wrong). Try a dictionary next time. Or at least heed Google's recommendation of "do you mean piranha?"

Thanks Daymonster for taking the picture and Haasertime for giving me permission to use this.



This, from my daily MLB rumor check, and oft source of material for this series, website,

*blink blink* Wow. I know Soriano has had some defensive, um, adventures in the outfield, but it's no reason to lose hope. And why in the world would his manager want him to lose hope? Harsh, man.

But, then I read on:

Oooohhhhh! He's losing his little hop he does when tracking fly balls. Wow BIG difference one little "e" makes.

To be clear, the headline error does not belong to the Chicago Tribune -- it's all Ben Maller.


thrylos98 said...

Can you imagine that guy having a misspelled Dick Suchs jersey?

Betsy said...

I wonder who Pir Hanna is. :) Must be Norwegian. ;)

JimCrikket said...

Yeah... sure is a good thing Kosuke Fukudome didn't end up with the Twins, isn't it? Hard telling what would have ended up on the back of that guy's jersey.