Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Short Notes - Apr 6

Happy Opening Day! I know, I know, it was officially yesterday, but since the second Twins game hasn't started yet (as I write this), it's still a valid greeting.

I'm so happy it's real baseball with real consequences and real results. Happy happy happy.


So, in case you haven't been here during the regular season, or in case you forgot, let me explain how I do things. I usually save my thoughts about the games until after the whole series and then do a recap -- unless something special motivates me to write, like Jason Kubel hitting a homerun on my command. Of course, when the final game of the series is a late one and there's a game the very next day, like with this upcoming Angels series finale, it gets difficult.

This is because I absolutely refuse to blog while a Twins game is on. It's not that I'm so in to the games that I can't multi-task; it's that it happens to be very bad, horrible luck for the Twins. Turns out, I can't even so much as think about blogging without risking disastrous performances by our boys. For example, you'll notice in that Jason Kubel post I referenced above, I talk about a ninth inning clown show. That's when the Twins bullpen coughed up buttload of runs in the 9th (after leading by 9 or 10 runs or something like that), and it's all because I was writing while the game was going on. True story. I won't let it happen again. And, yes, I'm really that superstitious -- probably even more.

So I'd better get going here; tonight's game is going to start soon.


Happy Birthday Bert Blyleven. Only 365 more days until your next one.


You'll notice a new little section in the upper-right corner. I love all the cool, crazy words and sayings baseball offers, so I thought I'd feature a new term every week -- that is, if I remember to do a new one every week.


So hey, my blog's all grown up. I went out and got it its very own domain name...

kbrobaseball.blogspot.com proudly presents...


Ta da!

Ok, it's not really that big of a deal. If you go there, you just wind up here. And the blogspot.com address still works, so you don't have to change your bookmarks or blogroll or anything if you don't want to.

But, when you're telling all your friends about me, won't the new name be easier to remember?


Podcast updates - some news on my favorite podcasts.

New! DW the Great of Twin-Keys and Joe Bronk of Joe's Little Big League started the Twin-Keys podcast a few weeks ago. Be sure to check it out. In fact, about 5 minutes ago, I agreed to be a guest tomorrow at 7. So now you really need to check it out.

New! Bloggers Julie DiCaro from A League of Her Own (a Cubs blog) and Caryn Rose from Metsgrrl (a Mets blog) started the Throwing Like a Girl podcast to discuss baseball from a girl's perspective. Check it out, because our friend Jen from Lipgloss and Baseball was a guest on their first episode.

Improved! I've mentioned this before, but it deserves repeating. Seth Stohs (SethSpeaks.net) started a zippy new web-radio program called The Show with Seth Stohs (try saying that five times fast). As always, it's good stuff. I have only one eensy, weesny complaint: Dude, when are you going to put it on iTunes? Anyway, it accessible through his site.

[EDIT (4/7 9:00 AM) -- This happened after I wrote this last night, and I just found out about it this morning.]
New! Seth Stohs and Travis Aune (Travis Twins Talks) have teamed up to produce the Twins Minor League Weekly. Both Seth and Travis are excellent resources on prospect information; this podcast will be great for everyone who want to keep up on the farm system. The first episode was posted on Seth Speaks Blog Talk Radio program, but they indicated that might set up a new link for future episodes. I'll let you know as soon as I know.

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