Sunday, August 16, 2009


Although I don't technically work in the medical field, my job does give me occasional reason to look up terms in a medical dictionary. As I was browsing for another term, I stumbled upon the entry for CTD. And what I found is the perfect term to describe the Twins' hopes of winning the division -- Circling The Drain.

The dictionary defined it as the period of time right before a patient's death. It also advised against using this term because it's too crude. Crude or not, it's an accurate assessment.

Now, I thought I came to grips with the notion of no post-season a while ago, but then they went and teased me with a pitching-gem-complete-game beaut where our boys scored runs liked they liked it. And, for some unexplainable reason, they then decided not to do those things any more.

Friday: Twins 11 - Indians 0
Saturday: Twins 3 - Indians 7
Sunday: Twins 4 - Indians 7

And all this upping and way-downing against a team they really should've been able to beat, just like the last series they dropped.

And now they're off to Texas, which is a pretty good team. Yikes.


luckie/sarah said...

In general, I would offer up a split of the series here in Texas, but since the Astros (despite a win today) are also CTD, I need the Rangers to give me a post-season fix. Last year didn't cut it, even with Tampa going to the WS (they were the only team I could stand to watch).
I'll offer up the Swarzy/Holland game as a toss-up, and maybe the Milly/Baker game. But Frankie and Carl have to lose--Frankie because I just don't like him, and Carl because he's going against my Feldman. :)

Katie said...

The CTD term is perfect right now. Unless we get a miracle, this season is nothing but a wash.

Jim H. said...

If by some miracle the Twins do make it into the post-season, that CTD logo should be on their uniforms. Can I order a hat with that logo? Or maybe a bath towel?

And Katie -- nice pun!