Friday, August 7, 2009

Carl Pavano, Huh?

First, let me start by apologizing for any typos or misinformation contained in this post. I have about 5 minutes to write this, and I won't have access to the Internet again until late Sunday, but I wanted to get a few thoughts out now.


I want to welcome Mr. Carl Pavano to the Twins.

I want to do that because it's the polite thing to do.

I mean, I really hope he takes advantage of this new opportunity and makes something really good happen.

But to be honest, I'm a bit skeptical. I'm not convinced that adding him is much of an improvement over what the Twins already have. And a deal between division rivals, even if one of teams is out of the playoff picture, just seems a little suspect (what do they know that we don't?).

As an additional kicker, according to the book The Yankee Years, when Pavano was a member of the Yankees, the other players stared called the Disabled List "the Pavano" because he was on it all the time.

I'm still hopeful that this is a good move. And I'm willing to give him a fair chance to prove himself. Honestly. But I just can't shake the feeling the Bill Smith is making moves just to make moves. (During the Terry Ryan years, for as many times I disagreed with what he did or didn't do, I never felt like he was going through motions to satisfy others.)

And since Liriano is now likely to move to the bullpen, he should look upon this as a new opportunity and not a demotion. I think he'll do well there.

[Last minute edit:] Oh, and I'm a little annoyed that R.A. got sent down to make room. I know he hasn't exactly been brilliant lately, but I'm wondering how many chances Keppel gets before the front office realizes that he's the one who needs more time in AAA.


Topper said...

I'm not trying to be an irrational optimist, but I'm not all that skeptical.

I think you hit the nail on the head about Liriano going to the bullpen. More than the front office thinking Pavano is much better than what we have, I think the key is that he's not worse, and this will afford us the depth to do exactly as you say: move Liriano to the pen where he will hopefully excel.

Also, I don't think the Indians are onto anything more than they're sharing. They're blatantly trying to cut costs so they don't lose $16 million this season as they anticipate, and our absorbing his salary is helping them out as they no longer require his services... and hopefully he'll be able to avoid the DL for the two months or so he wears our uniform.

k-bro said...

Thanks Topper,

I hope you're right about Pavano. And I agree that moving LIriano to the bullpen improves the bullpen. So, hopefully, the whole package is an improvement.

And Pavano does have the benefit of bringing veteran experience -- for whatever that's worth.

Anonymous said...

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