Thursday, August 27, 2009

Call For Arms

I wouldn't be surprised to see this hanging up at the dome in time for Friday's game:

Help Wanted
Energetic and athletic people needed to perform pitching duties for a Major League Baseball club. The ideal candidate would have a pulse, have strong leadership skills, and be able to throw a baseball 60'6". Ability to throw accurately preferred, but not required. Perks include travel to exciting locations, appearances on television, and working with Joe Mauer. Both full-time and part-time positions available. Salary based on qualifications. Contact Deadline to apply is 8/31/09.

Do you think they'd get any qualified applicants? The key word here being qualified.


Monday: Twins 2 - Orioles 1
Tuesday: Twins 7 - Orioles 6
Wednesday: Twins 1 - Orioles 5

Yes, it's great that the Twins won the series. But the wins were so hard. And they're the Orioles.


Who's getting excited about the new stadium. Be sure to visit Betsy's blog for some groovy pictures of it.


I've mentioned before that I love the Cake Wrecks blog. This post is baseball related. And hilarious.


luckie/sarah said...

Is the pulse a requirement or just recommended?

mookie5 said...

did you see where RedSox used their SS to pitch bot of 8th & 9th scoreless innings ???

it worked for them....

Betsy said...

Maybe Cuddy should apply for the pitching job. We do have a surplus of outfielders and he sure has shown his rocket arm, and his ability to adapt to different positions.
Otherwise, I think we are stuck waiting until next year when Pat Neshek returns to find another good arm for the bullpen. Makes me miss him more and more.

And thanks for the link to my post for the pics! :) It was fun taking them for sure!

Topper said...

I wonder how Brad Radke's shoulder's doing this time of year?

Oh well...

Jim H. said...

The BoSox, in addition to using a SS to pitch, put Brad "Not so Bad" Penny on waivers. He should apply.

Also, LaTroy is available and he may still have a Twins uniform somewhere, so that'd save a few bucks.

k-bro said...

@luckie/sarah: Well, it's not an absolute requirement. However, I understand that the team airplane does not have adequate refrigeration space for transporting zombies.

@mookie5: No, I didn't see that. I wish I would've. For some reason, I think it's cool as hell when a position player pitches.

@Betsy: I thought of asking Cuddy to pitch too. I bet he would love doing it. I miss Pat-Pat too. :-(

@Topper: I miss Bradke. :-(

@Jim H.: I don't really miss LaTroy (hubby used to call him LaTroilet). I hope the Twins don't re-sign him; I would hope they learned their lesson from the Great Eddie Experiment last season.