Monday, July 20, 2009

What If the Twins Were Like the Yankees?

I mean in a spending-tons-of-money way, not in an evil-empire way. Although, if old adage is true and money is the root of all evil, I'm not sure a team can spend tons of money and not be evil. But, for the sake of argument, let's pretend that the Twins can spend and spend and still remain lovable.

So, if the Twins could spend a ton, how would I like the team to change? I mean other than offering Joe Mauer a "fill in the blanks with whatever money and years you want" contract.

Oh, and if you're looking for in-depth, stats-filled analysis of what really might be on Bill Smith's mind, you should know by now that you're visiting the wrong blog. And if you are looking for that kind of stuff, you should know by now which blogs to visit. These are just who I think would be super cool to have. And chances are pretty good that the reason I like a certain guy is that I like to look at him as much as I think he's a good player.

Ok, so first of all, where do we need help? Catcher and first-base are set and totally untouchable. DH is pretty well set too. And I'm even willing to leave short and 3rd as is.

So, what's left? 2nd, outfield, relief pitching, and starting pitching (not all starting pitching, just one).

Am I willing to give up on Casilla/Tolbert? Yup. They're both young and showing it. So maybe another year in the minors or a change of scenery might be beneficial.

Who do I really want? Ian Kinsler of the Rangers. Simply put, he's good. However, I'm pretty sure the Rangers want to keep him even more than I want to steal him. I'm also pretty sure it would cost nearly all our decent prospects to get him. And since the Rangers are still in contention in the West, they're not likely to trade him to anybody for any price.

What's reasonable? I've read plenty of rumors about the Twins being interested in Freddy Sanchez of the Pirates. I know that he just turned down a contract extension, so it's probable that he'll be traded. Other than that, I don't really know much else about him. That's because he's a Pirate, and I don't know anything about the Pirates. In fact I don't think I can name five Pirates -- hmm...Sanchez, and LaRoche (which is cheating because there are two of them), and.... Nope that's it. Wait...I almost forgot former Twin Garrett Jones -- how could I forget Garrett Jones? Other than that, that's all I can name. And the Twins played them this year.

Who am I giving up? Delmon, and maybe even Go-Go (though I'd rather keep him). Again, they're both young and might do better in a different system -- especially Young.

Who do I really want? Matt Holliday of the A's. He's good and he's trade bait. Everyone knew when the A's acquired him, they'd trade him at the deadline if they were out of contention. And they are. I really expect them to move him for prospects.

What's really going to happen? While there is a tiny chance that the Twins might move one of their surplus outfielders, it's pretty unlikely that they'll add another one. Chances are that they'll do nothing in this department. Which would be ok.

Relief Pitching
Who's gone? Anyone but Nathan. Well Matt Guerrier can stay too. (Did you know that he's tied for the league lead in holds? He is.) Anyone else is fair game, mainly since it's been such a revolving door in the bull pen and I haven't really grown attached to any of them.

Who do I really want? Huston Street of the Rockies. Pretty much because he's cute. But he's also having a great year. But chances are that the Rockies won't move him; he's their closer, so he's pretty valuable.

What's reasonable? I've read that the Twins are interested in some pitchers in the Blue Jay bull pen. I don't remember their names, and I don't remember where I read it, so I won't bother to look it up. It probably won't happen anyway.

Starting Pitching
Who am I giving up? Liriano. I am probably one of about four people in Twins Territory who believes that Liriano is not as good as his hype. In fact, I kind of have a feeling that 2006 was more fluke than talent. And the Tommy John surgery just made things worse.

Who do I really want? Roy Halladay of the Blue Jays, duh! He's the best, and there's no doubt he will be traded. He'd be expensive though -- Johan Santana expensive.

What's reasonable? Well, doing nothing. I haven't heard a single whisper of a rumor of the Twins touching the starting rotation. They believe in Liriano and all the other starters. Only a (baseball gods forbid) serious injury would change that.

So that's it for my baseball shopping list. And yes, I do realize that my dream team would have players named Holliday and Halladay. That wouldn't confuse Dick'n'Bert or John'n'Dazzle in the least.


Katie said...

I do love reading what everyone's opinions are, while I agree with 95% of what you said (I'm 100% behind you with Frankie), I'm not sure about the GoGo thing and some of our relief pitchers. As far as the pitchers go, I've grown attached to two of them, that being R.A. and Dunesing, but the rest could go.

Topper said...

I'm not very attached to Duensing after watching him break down AGAIN last night ... but I'm also 100% behind you on giving up on Liriano. I'd like to see how he could do for an inning out of the pen before completely dismissing his usefulness, but as a starter he's shown nothing very promising since his injury.