Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Off-Day Fun: Caption Contest

I thought this was so funny, I just had to share.

And since there's no baseball to watch, I thought it would be fun to add some captions to it. I'll start:

Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig and His Staff Head Home After the All Star Game.

(See how I related it to baseball?)


Police Urge Residents to Avoid Band of Stalker Clowns.

(Ok, that one was kind of lame.)

What do you have?

Back story on the photo: My boss, W (not that "W" - yech), picked up his nephew from the airport. On their way home, they were followed for a time by this goofy van. So said nephew grabbed the camera, stuck it out of the sunroof and snapped this awesome shot. Of course, because W knows that I have a ridiculous fear of clowns, he felt compelled to email this to me the first moment he could. Yeah, thanks Boss.

All I know is that if this were following me, I would immediately pull over. If they continued to follow me, I would have peed my pants...and cried...and probably begged for mercy.

Oh, and when I asked W if I could put this on my blog, he said something about wanting to see it all over the internet. So, if your blog or website is in need of a picture of creepy clowns in a van, run with it.


haasertime said...

the shocking photo of the van full of drunken Wisconsin clowns moments before killing photographer

Fetch said...

Bill Smith and Ron Gardenhire like to carpool to the ballpark.

Shelley said...

Former President Bush finds his 'true calling'

Jeff said...

After being admonished by Congress to make cars the American people will actually buy, GM unveils its new line of vehicles.

"W" said...

How about "Al Franken finally heads to Congres. . ."

(I actually like Al, but can't give up a good caption.)