Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's Nice to Do Some Cleaning...

Isn't it? Those nasty White Sox are just so dusty and dirty aren't they; it's nice to sweep them away.

  • Mon. 07/27: MIN 4, CWS 3
  • Tue. 07/28: MIN 5, CWS 3
  • Wed. 07/29: MIN 3, CWS 2
(Ok, I literally just copied that from the Twins website -- I have a campfire to get to and I had to look it up anyway.)

So, I'm still on vacation, but I have been listening to the games (thank goodness for MLB GameDay Audio).

Mark Buehrle scared me a little on Tuesday though, with the five innings of perfect pitching. I WOULD NOT accept him pitching another gem against the Twins. Seriously, I've never cheered so loudly for a base-on-balls in my life. And, from there, his wheels just fell off -- no perfect game, no no-hitter, no shut out, no win. Yay!


One last boring vacation picture before I go:

At Custer State Park:

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S.Rail said...

I know what you mean about Buehrle. He was just killing us through 5, but right after that walk, BAM. It just blew up in his face! I give him respect for breaking the MLB record, but I am not at all sad that he didn't get the win! ;)