Sunday, July 26, 2009

From the Road

Sure, the Twins are on the road, but so am I. So forgive me because, though I'm checking scores and stuff in the evenings, I'm not really paying attention for the games.

Recap: (Here's what I know without looking it up...)
Thursday: Could've won, but Joe Nathan had an uncharacteristically bad day and blew the save
Friday: Liriano gave up a lot of runs and Twins lost
Saturday: I only saw the score, and I don't know anything else. Angels had a lot; Twins had a little.
Sunday: I saw that Morneau hit a couple homers, and Nicky Punto was (relatively) an RBI machine. Twins had a lot; Angels had a little.

It is what it is. Pitching needs to get better. blah blah blah. Nothing we've never heard before.

So, I'll keep it short. After a long day of tourism, I'm currently enjoying a margarita by the campfire.

And I'll be on vacation all week. I'll check in from time to time, but I can't promise anything interesting.

Here's a picture to show you where we are:

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