Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'd Like to Buy a Beer For...

Mark Buehrle

No, really.

I have never kept it a secret that I don't like Mark Buehrle very much. He just seems cocky and arrogant -- and he says bad things about the Twins. Besides, he plays for a division rival and helps them win.

However, there are times when a player does something so rare and special, so spectacularly awesome, so wonderfully good, so perfect, that all the ill-will in the world just can't stand up to it.

Mark Buehrle did that today. He achieved the most difficult and amazing of all sporting feats. He pitched a perfect game.

So, Mark, just for today, you made me very happy. And I am very happy for you.

Oh, since I'm such a good mood, I'll buy a beer for DeWayne Wise for that homerun-stealing, game-saving catch in the 9th.

1 comment:

thrylos98 said...

I hope he chocks on it and lands in the DL for the rest of the season :)

(just kidding)