Thursday, September 4, 2008

Someone Hold My Hands Down...

so I don't scratch out my eyeballs out of frustration.

Twins 0 - Jays 9
Jays sweep in 3, and the season series in 6

I blame myself for this mess. You see, I have these ratty old Twins jammies. I've learned over the years that if I don't wear those jammies on Sunday nights, the Twins have a bad week. On weeks when I failed to wear them that Sunday, the following bad things happened:
  • Corey Koskie signed with the Blue Jays (I was on a flight home from Germany)
  • All of 2005 (thinking they were getting too ratty to wear anymore, I failed to believe the their powers)
  • Francisco Liriano blew his elbow (too busy to do laundry on that Sunday)
  • Torii signed with the Angels (again with the too busy to do laundry thing)
  • This week (I failed to properly plan for the Labor Day weekend at the lake)

Who can argue with results like this? When I realized that I may have messed up this week, I tried reasoning that because the Twins had Monday off, it would be ok. Apparently I was wrong. And, because it's a weekly thing, I can't make amends until this coming Sunday night.

I don't know what to do. About three weeks ago, I thought I would be ok settling for the "well, at least they did way better than I thought they would" attitude. I was wrong.

I Want The Division Championship, Dammit!


lephio said...

hi k-bro! here's lephio from italy! i recetly subscribed your blog to better follow our team!

i can get you frustration but.. i think it will be a nice september for twins fans!

k-bro said...

Welcome lephio, and thanks for reading.

I sure hope you're right about a good September.