Thursday, September 18, 2008

Celebrating the Little Things...

Twins 11 - Rays 8

Twins 1 1/2 Games Back

Well, wasn't that nice? Ok, the starting pitching kinda sucked (read: really sucked), but there were plenty of other things to smile about. Yay! With the homers, and the swinging away in a bunt situation, and the solid relief pitching, and the not giving up, and the coming from behind, and the insurance runs, and the easy save, and the showing another team what it's like to cough up a lead in the ninth, and the Sox losing, this was a good day. Woot!

There are so many super-heroes tonight:
  • Kubel's homer
  • Humber's relief pitching
  • Joey and Delmon with clutch hitting
  • Alexi's homer
  • Everett's crazy "I think I'll just bunt here - Psych!"
  • Nathanator is back to normal

I liked this game. More like it, please, but with better starting pitching.


Check this out. My friend and colleague, Julia, drew this caricature of me. Isn't it great? I'm not really as cute as this picture (Julia is, but I'm not), but I love it.

Thanks Julia!

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Anonymous said...

Nice....good Job Julia... woohoo.. homer Kubel... 8-1 vs. sox... !!!