Saturday, July 19, 2008

Welcome to the Second Half, Boys

Friday: Twins 6 - Rangers 0

Wow. That was impressive. The Twins faced a great hitting team and shut them out. Nice work. And the Twins' hitters just keep chipping away -- none of the hits were particularly impressive, but they got the job done. All in all a fun game and a nice way to get back to baseball.


Dearest Go-Go,

Honey, what are we going to do about this little batting slump you're in? You had another disappointing 0 - 5 night. You seem like a guy who really wants to succeed and who has more fun when he does well, so I know you're unhappy.

Everyone says that the other guys are hitting well because they're "hitting within themselves". I'm no expert, but looking at your swing, I can tell there's no way you're hitting within yourself. In fact, it's pretty clear that you swing right out of yourself pretty often. Sometimes, you swing so far out of yourself, you wind up in the on-deck circle while yourself winds up in the left-handed batters' box. This is not good.

So my advice is: climb back into yourself, take a deep breath, don't think about it so much, relax, and STAY within yourself. You'll see better results in no time.

I know you can do it.


I looking forward to Sunday's game because the family and I will be attending. We'll try to score one of those Justin Morneau jerseys for mini-bro.

I'm the tinest bit bummed, though, because Scotty is scheduled to pitch. Now, I love Scotty, I really do, but this will be only my second game this year, and I've already seen him. But that's usually how it goes for me. Last year I went to four games -- Silva pitched in all four of them.

Oh well, I'm still happy to go.


And Finally, the "Reading Is Fun When You Read About Your Favorite Subjects" moment of the day: I thought this was cute. My co-worker's little daughter won this poster for reading a certain number of books this summer. Not only is the poster itself cute, but I think it's cute that she chose a Twins poster. She's a very smart little girl.

Click to enlarge to see the subject of the book he's reading.

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Tricia said...

I wouldn't mind having that poster myself. It's pretty funny.