Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taming the Tigers

Tuesday: Twins 6 - Tigers 4
Wednesday: Twins 7 - Tigers ZIP

Dear Twins,
That was much better. Thanks.


Tuesday's win just seemed kind of, I don't know, uncomfortable, didn't it? I mean it was great that we won and all, but it just kind of felt like it could fall apart at any time. Maybe I was suffering paranoia as a result of Monday's fiasco. But with the blundering of baserunning, the pitching with wildness, the leaving of men on base, and the having of bad luck, I just didn't have a whole lot of hope.

Thank goodness for Craig Monroe. Perhaps he should just play against Detroit all the time.


Wednesday's win on the other hand -- now that was a ton of fun. I really wish I could have seen it. But it sure made my work day go a lot faster listening to it. Blackburn was stellar. And there were lots of hits with two outs. Fantastic.


Speaking of Blackburn, I had a happy stroke of luck when I drove home. Sometimes I like to listen to KFAN on my way home, and sometimes I prefer to drive in silence, it all depends on my mood. Well, today, I decided to listen -- the Twins won, so Barreiro couldn't rip them too much. When I turned on the radio, I heard, "Our guest Nick Blackburn is coming up next." Sweet.

Actually, he did a pretty decent interview. The questions were pretty typical, and so were the answers, but no one expected muckraking journalism here. His answers were nice and involved and he expanded on his points. And he didn't have too many "ums", "you knows", and "likes". He sounds like a pretty intellegent and confident guy. All in all, a nice interview.


So are we all watching BBTN to see if Nicky's toss (actually more of a roll) to Casilla makes it as the top web gem? It sounded awesome. Here's a link to it. Be sure to also check out the next video in that group (Punto drives in Young, but is thrown out at second). That could probably win the "Feet-first Slide That Most Resembles a Bellyflop" award.


And finally, the "OK, If You Say So, Joe" moment of the day: Check out this endorsement by Joe Nathan for Joey and Justin for the ASG. I love it. We should vote for them, "because they're really good." And if you listen really close, someone in the background is cracking up. Be sure to watch the other endorsements too.


Probably no blogging for me this weekend as I'm going to the lake again. Everyone have a fun Independence Day.

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