Monday, July 28, 2008

Killing Them Slowey

Twins 7 - White Sox 0 (zero, zip, nada, nothing, goose egg, nil)

Wow! How much fun was that?!?! Kevin Slowey get another nifty complete game shut out. D-Span gets his first major league homer. Justin still has his swell homerun swing (didn't I say that yesterday too?). Thanks boys; I loved this game. I want another one tomorrow.


Ok, who gave A.J. a swirly in Clorox? Do these guys try to be ugly? Are they having some kind of contest? **shakes head**


I want to heap more praise on Kevin Slowey. I was really impressed with tonight's performance for a number of reasons. For one thing, the White Sox are a pretty good hitting team, so keeping them off-balance was pretty cool. Also, he was pretty much always pitching from the stretch, which didn't seem to bother him, so that was good.
Go treat yourself to Dairy Queen honey. You've earned it.


And finally, the "Huh, Really? Are You Sure?" moment of the game:
Bert was talking about Casilla taking a lead off first, and he mentioned that he had one foot on "the turf, the green stuff on your screen." Really? I had no idea what all that green stuff in the dome was. (He didn't sound like he was trying to be clever or anything.)


Katie said...

There HAS to be a contest, right?

I'm sure there's a very funny story behind it all, and if they would just share it with us, maybe we could join in the laughter.

Tricia said...

A swirly in Clorox. LOL! (I hope it's not too geeky to type LOL.)

k-bro said...


I heard that A.J. will be a guest on KFAN sometime Wednesday. Maybe those guys can get an answer out of him.


I'm far too geeky to even know if typing LOL is too geeky. So that means it's ok with me. LOL.