Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Sundries

Some miscellaneous things that piqued my interest this past week...

This has been making the rounds on the internet. Shelley was the first one to share it with me (in the comments of the last post):

C.C. Sabathia Smuggles Small Child Into Spring Training

I disagree. Anyone who's read Bat-Girl knows that he didn't smuggle a small child -- he just ate a scrappy middle-infielder. Has anyone seen LNP?


So, one of my wishes came true.

Cubs Sign Koskie to Minor League Contract

Like I said before, kick ass for Team Canada. Then, go ahead and kick ass in the remainder of Cubs' spring training and break camp with the big team.

I really want Corey to make it.


I purchased a first-baseman's glove for my son. At one point, I could be seen burying my face in said glove and taking a big whiff. I love the smell of new baseball gloves. I'm odd that way.


Speaking of former Twins...let's check in on free-agent signings.

PlayerStatusOld TeamNew Team
Dennys Reyes, RPFree Agent (B)Minnesota--
Doug Mientkiewicz, 1BSignedPittsburghLA Dodgers
Sidney Ponson, SPFree Agent
NY Yankees
Kenny Rogers, SP
Free Agent

Yay Dougie! Have fun in LA!

And some I forgot last time...

PlayerStatusOld TeamNew Team
Henry Blanco, CSigned
Chicago Cubs
San Diego
Livan Hernandez, SPSignedColoradoNY Mets
Luis Rivas, 2BSigned
Chicago Cubs
Ramon Ortiz, SP
San Francisco

Totally not baseball-related, but totally worth mentioning: have you ever had Pillsbury's Ready-To-Bake Shape Sugar Cookies? Aren't they the absolute best cookies you've ever had?!? They are beyond A. Maz. Ing! Now, I just need them to make baseball-shaped ones. Please? Pillsbury, are you listening?

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