Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Oh So Close...

As I write this, I am watching House (it just looks like a good episode). At this time next week, I'll be DVRing House and watching Twins Baseball!...REAL, LIVE, IT-COUNTS, TWINS BASEBALL. I can't wait.

I'm very excited -- so excited that my expectations are all jumbled and disjointed and random. As usual, when I get this way, I do bullet points.

  • I'm nervous that we're not really considered the underdogs this year. It always seems our boys are at their best when no one expects anything. So everyone needs to do me a favor -- please expect the Twins to come in, oh I don't know, third place this year. Thanks.
  • I'm not really worried about Joey's sore bum. He'll be ship-shape pretty soon.
  • I am a little worried that while Red's filling in for Joey, he'll get the crap beat out of him, because he always gets the crap beat out of him when he's behind the plate.
  • Every time Kevin Slowey pitched this spring, he made me like him a little more because he's so awesome. And then today, he was a guest on the Twins radio broadcast, and he was so talkative and interesting and gracious and knowledgeable, it just made my day listening to him. I don't know, but I think he elevated his status to my second-favorite starting pitcher. A very close second-favorite at that.
  • I am curious to see how the White Sox fans will greet Joe Crede on that first road trip to Chicago. I hope they don't boo him -- I never understood that.
  • I am really looking forward to watching the Twins games in HD. My family got a nice HD TV last December. I've watched football and golf in HD, and I think it's awesome. But I haven't watched baseball in HD yet. I bet that'll be even awesome-er.
  • I'm still pulling for R.A. Dickey to break camp with the team because I'm still intrigued by the idea of having a knuckleballer on the team -- especially in the Dome.
  • Speaking of the Dome, I have procured tickets for the last regular-season game in the Dome. I expect tears.
  • I'm equal parts amused and irritated by the news that there is someone in the MLB headquarters who has decided that D-Span wears his pants too sloppy. to me when you start warning Manny about his sloppy pants.
So, I just need a bit more patience...I've been waiting since October, I can wait one more week.

Oh, and House was good. The preview for next week's episode looks good too. Thank goodness for my DVR.


S.Rail said...

R.A. Dickey is so awesome. I also hopes he gets to go to north with the Twins. I got to see him pitch right next to Blackburn at spring training, and boy is that knuckleball weird!

sarah-bug said...

I was completely amazed by Slowey during the game the other day. You guys are lucky to have him!


Tricia said...

5 days 'til the season starts!