Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Thoughts on the WBC

I was thrilled to read that Corey Koskie will be playing for Team Canada in the up coming World Baseball Classic. I sincerely hope he kicks ass and proves to everyone he can still play. And then, I sincerely hope he hooks on with a major league team. You go, Corey!

Regarding the tournament itself, I'm finding it hard to actually formulate a clear opinion on it. It seems a lot of other people, including the so-called baseball experts, are kind of wishy-washy as well. And nothing demonstrates wishy-washiness better than bullet points:
  • I like the idea of the WBC as an international tournament. Baseball is an important pass-time in many countries, and it's an honor to represent your country (especially now since baseball has been dropped from Olympic competition).

  • While I like the idea of the tournament, I really don't like the the timing of it. Clubs conduct spring training for a reason, and the WBC is a real distraction. Players are creatures of habit and their off-season regimens must be altered to accommodate WBC play. Also, many players plan off-season surgeries or rehabilitations based on a regular schedule and this gets in the way. However, in its defense, I really can't think of a better time to have it.

  • Because of the timing, many players are opting out of the competition. And I have no problem with that. If they feel their teams or careers would be put in peril by competing, then they shouldn't. This is especially true for pitchers. It would be a shame for a pitcher, and for his team, if he becomes injured in the WBC. But I am glad several good baseball players have chosen to participate.

  • Since the WBC is the brain-child of Bud Selig, one can't help but to believe that this is strictly a for-profit endeavor. And, as such, it will never hold the reverence and pride that the Olympics do. Now, I don't know much about the feelings from fans from nations other than the U.S. and Canada, but I'm just not hearing much enthusiasm here.

  • Will I watch? Sure! It's baseball, and I'm willing to watch any baseball. I'm looking forward to it. It may not be the Olympics, but it's still going to be fun. And I'll definitely root for my favorite players' teams (go U.S.A, Canada, and Italy!).

Important events are coming. Mark your calendars:

  • Wednesday, February 25, 6 pm Central: The Twins first Spring Training Game vs. the Red Sox. And it'll be on MLB Network.
  • Wednesday, March 4: National Grammar Day.
  • Saturday, March 7, Noon Central: Twins single-game tickets go on sale. And the Twins are hosting a party at the Dome for the occasion.
  • Monday, April 6, 7:10 pm Central: Twins Opening Day vs. the Seattle Mariners!

Big Get Well wishes for Boof Bonser. Sounds like he'll be out a few weeks to have exploratory surgery to peek around in that sore shoulder and figure out what's going on. Good luck, Boof. Hope it's nothing serious and you're pitching again in no time.

However, the folks over at MLB on XM need to chillax (yes, I just said "chillax" as a testament to how stupid they're being). The guy who does the half-hourly (or is it "semi-hourly"?) updates, while delivering the Boof news, said, "he could be out for the season." Calm down, dude. Sure, if they find something major while they're digging around in there, then there is a possibility that he could maybe be out a long time. But, sheesh, let's just do the exploratory part first, shall we?


lephio said...

here in italy there is a lot of interest in WBC by baseball fans. quite nothing by national media.

for me, #1 Italian Twins Fan, watching Punto wearing Italy Jersey is the best-thing-ever, but.. i know i'm a "strange guy" into the "strange people" of italian baseball.

i think WBC is very important to spread baseball all over the world, because in USA is the national pastime, but here we are seen like "aliens"!!!

it's true that it could be a shame if a pitcher injuries during the WBC.. but.. if he injuries during ST?

i mean.. nobody cares if a guy injuries during Playoffs, isn't it? i don't say that WBC has to become important as PO, but i think that it would be great for baseball-world-diffiusion that WBC became more important that a ST!
(and it's only once/three years!)


www.lephio.org in italian
www.lephio.org/en in english

k-bro said...


Thanks for writing. I'm glad to hear there's interest in it overseas. Perhaps I underestimate the interest here, but I personally don't hear much about it. And, it's still a new attraction -- perhaps interest in it will grow over time.

And could you do a favor for Twins Territory? Could you please ensure that Team Italy takes good care of our friend Little Nicky Punto? Also, will you cheer for him extra loud on my behalf? Thanks.


Shelley said...


As you can tell by the link, the Hamburgler has returned. I just hope the "small child" isn't Dash.

So excited for single game tickets to go on sale. I want to get a few for April games.