Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Bubble Guy

Every spring training, the players fit into three categories: a) those who will very likely go to the majors, b) those who will very likely stay in the minors, and c) those "on the bubble."

I feel for the bubble guys. I'm sure most teams would like to be able to bring up more than 25 guys. In fact, I'm pretty sure Gardy would like to stock-pile all the relief pitchers and bench players he could. But he can't. So the bubble guys work their asses off so they can separate themselves from the other guys and look more like they belong in group "a" and less like they belong in group "b". I can totally relate - story of my life.

So, every spring training, I select one bubble guy that I root extra hard for. Someone catches my attention and I cross my fingers for him and say little prayers for him in hopes of giving him a boost.

Last year, it was Matt "Tigger" Tolbert. I liked him because I liked the idea of a guy who personified perpetual motion. And my support worked...well, until he got hurt.

This year my bubble guy is R.A. Dickey. I like the idea of having a knuckle-baller on the team. And I've seen a couple interviews with him, and he seems like a pretty cool guy.

So, R.A., keep working hard and I'll do my part. And hopefully, you'll be an "a" guy come April.


So, hey, our boy Dennys signed with the Cardinals. Good luck, Big Sweat.


When Bad Grammar and Baseball Collide: (I should just make this a semi-regular feature)

As I've mentioned before, I like to read FOXSport's rumor page to catch up on the goings-on around baseball. Last week, I stumbled on this gem:

Ok, a pitcher funning around with some radio guys usually isn't news-worthy, unless the pitcher pitches for the Red Sox. But, even a Red Sox pitcher funning about dyeing, i.e. coloring his hair, at a young age still isn't news-worthy. In fact, it's almost cliche (see A.J. Pierzynski late last season). However, funning about dying young might worry fans.

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