Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wondering Where They Are ... 2009 Edition

I saw report yesterday that Everyday Eddie signed a minor-league deal with the Rangers. Good for him. Even though I was happy to see him again last year, it became clear that it wasn't going work between us. So I'm happy he found a new home in a familiar place.

Of course, that got me to thinking about other former Twins. We all know that there was very little movement for the team this off-season. Let's look at the Free Agent Tracker and see what's up...

PlayerStatusOld TeamNew Team
Adam Everett, SSSignedMinnesotaDetroit
Eddie Guardado, RPSignedMinnesotaTexas
Nick Punto, SSSignedMinnesotaMinnesota
Dennys Reyes, RPFree Agent (B)Minnesota--

Ok. Well here's hoping our pal Dennys hooks on somewhere.

Let's look up some other former Twins.

PlayerStatusOld Team
New Team
Livan Hernandez, SPFree Agent
Jacque Jones, LFSignedFlorida
Mike Lamb, 3BSignedMilwaukee
Doug Mientkiewicz, 1BFree Agent (B)Pittsburgh
Sidney Ponson, SPFree Agent
NY Yankees

Juan Rincon, RPSigned

Kenny Rogers, SP *
Free Agent


*I read on the FOX transaction page that Kenny Rogers retired. That was awhile ago, and it's not there anymore. And all the other info I can find is rumor or speculation.


Yay! The Twins and Matt Guerrier avoided arbitration and settled on a 1-year deal. Avoiding arbitration is good. Congrats.


Shelley said...

Oh Dougie... seems like he's played on almost every baseball team in the league. One more and he'll have enough to win MLB Bingo!

tfrezac2002 said...

I want Dougie Baseball back in Minneapolis so bad. My favorite Twin of recent memory.