Saturday, January 31, 2009


It's Saturday night, and I've got nothing to do. Hubby's away on a trip, and kids are gone too. All my girlfriends are either busy or don't feel like going out. All of this is ok, no big deal really, except I'm in the mood to go out for a beer. I have beer here, but I'm not a fan of drinking alone. So I guess I can pretend I'm going out with someone...hmmm, who should it be? (Oh, calm down. It's just a couple beers, and maybe wings. Besides, I'd totally invite hubby to come along.)

People I'd Take Out for Beer Based Solely on Their Looks:
Johan Santana
Nick Blackburn
Matt Macri
Matt Holliday
David Wright
Albert Pujols
Mike Aviles
Adam Rodriguez from CSI:Miami

People I'd Take Out for Beer Because I Think They'd Be a Ton of Fun and Tell Funny Stories:
Mike Redmond
Nick Punto
Joe Nathan
Bert Blyleven
Kent Hrbek
Duff and Geof from Ace of Cakes
All my blogging and Twitter friends

Well, thinking about this does cheer me up a bunch.


If you're going to a party to watch the Big Game on Sunday, and it's your job to bring dessert, avoid bringing this cake -- you might get laughed at:

Photo from

In fact, see this post and this post from Cakewrecks for more hilarious examples of what to avoid bringing to the party.

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Tricia said...

Mmm...Nick Blackburn is beautiful. I bet the Twins have the best looking starting rotation in all of baseball.