Friday, March 29, 2013

Wait Now...Who's This? Tim Wood (with a Paper Doll)

There are a few new faces on the Minnesota Twins roster. The season is starting soon, and I thought I'd introduce them to you. If you haven't had a chance to see any Spring Training games, you probably won't know who you're looking at when you're watching on Opening Day. Back in the day, the Twins had a "Get To Know 'Em" ad campaign, but I'm sure that phrase is all trademarked and stuff, and I'd get in a whole heap of trouble if I used it, and I've been pretty busy lately, and the last thing I need is a whole bunch of "cease and desist" emails and phone calls, even though my tiny little blog isn't likely to dilute their precious trademark or anything, but whatever, so I present to you...

Wait Now...Who's This?

Tim Wood

Relief Pitcher

What he looks like:

Source: StarTribune

Where did he come from:

Signed as a minor league free agent. Spent last season in Pirates AAA.

A few things to get excited about:

  • He's not expensive
  • He's on Twitter, and he doesn't seem arrogant or otherwise unpleasant
  • He has experience closing, so he's used to high-leverage situations

A few things to temper your enthusiasm:

  • He's 30, and he doesn't have very much major league experience
  • His ERA is likely to be pretty beefy, especially for a reliever
  • He kind of struggled controlling baserunners during Spring Training
  • And then there's this:
The Twins have placed RHP Tim Wood on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to March 24, with a strain to his right rotator cuff.

He complained of soreness on Sunday after he pitched well on Saturday.

He did not have an MRI.

He's due to return mid-April. However, he may not be guaranteed a spot on the roster. But, he is out of options, so if the Twins want to send him down to AAA when he's healthy, they'll have to pass him through waivers first.

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