Sunday, September 12, 2010

Twins at Indians: The Awakening

Friday -- Twins 0 - Indians 2
Saturday -- Twins 1 - Indians 0 (12)
Sunday -- Twins 6 - Indians 2

Record -- 85-58, 6 games ahead

Despite excellent, if not downright sexy, pitching by the Twins staff this series, it seems as if the Twins batters were so busy worrying about the White Sox, the weather, what they're going to eat, allergies, spiders, or something that they forgot they were actually supposed to be hitting on Friday and Saturday. Until, that is, Jim Thome woke every one up sometime around midnight Sunday morning with a majestic blast into the night. Fortunately, the awakening lasted through the daytime hours to preserve the series and the six game lead.

Now, let's hope no one gets too drowsy or distracted during the off-day in Chicago, because if our boys can't get amped up to play this series, I don't know when they can.

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