Thursday, September 9, 2010

Royals at Twins: Shhhhh

Monday — Royals 4 - Twins 5
Tuesday — Royals 3 - Twins 10
Wednesday — Royals 3 - Twins 4

Record: 83-57; 5.5 games ahead

Ok, so all this winning, along with the smattering of losing by the White Sox, has me pretty excited. Actually, I'm downright confident — which has me scared.

You see, I have this feeling that the baseball gods must be enjoying some kind of vacation or taking a long nap or something, because how else would this be happening? I mean, not only do the Twins have a slight lead in the division, but they also are barking at the heels of the Rays and the Yankees. This never happens. Ever.

Usually in September, the Twins are scratching and clawing and praying for help just to make it to the end of the month with a respectable position. And, for the last two years, all that scratching and clawing and praying for help rewarded them with the need to play a "163." Sigh.

Clearly, I don't quite know what to do with myself. I'm happy, but I'm afraid to show it. If I hoot and holler too much, those fickle baseball gods may wake up, figure out that something's askew, and slap a nasty losing streak on my ass. For kicks and giggles. And spite. Spite doesn't feel good.

So, for now anyway, I'll be golf-clapping for the good things. And I hope the baseball gods are comfortable.

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JimCrikket said...

Here's the way I look at it...

If you were the baseball gods and you were looking around for a fan base to bitch-slap around, would you really take aim at Twins fans?

If ever there was a fan base worthy of the full wrath of the baseball gods, it's gotta be Yankee fans. Baseball gods know how to deal with arrogance.

And would they really smile down on the Tampa Bay Ray fan base? Well... maybe... if they HAD a fan base. Ray fans don't just ignore baseball gods, they ignore baseball entirely! Baseball gods do not like being ignored.

As for White Sox fans, the baseball gods took pity on them five years ago and what did that accomplish? They've been bitching and whining about how "lucky" everyone else is while their superior team gets their asses kicked. Baseball gods don't like bitching and whining.

I honestly don't know any Ranger fans... so maybe there's a threat there, but we'll deal with that in October.

Until then, relax, pay appropriate homage to the baseball gods watch as they smile down upon the brand new shrine the good people of Minnesota have built in their honor.