Sunday, September 19, 2010

A's at Twins: Need a Vacation From a Vacation?

Friday -- A's 3 - Twins 1
Saturday -- A's 2 - Twins 4
Sunday -- A's 6 - Twins 2

Record: 89-60, 10 games ahead

You know how it is. You had this trip planned for a year or so, and as it get closer, it seem more exciting. You plan great things, but you're not sure you'll be able to do everything you want. But then, when you finally go, not only do you do the all things you intended to do, but you also do a bunch cool things you didn't even envision. It was a perfect, eventful trip that made you so happy, but it really wore you out.

Then, on that first day back to work, you're so exhausted that you just can't concentrate on your job. You try hard, and you accomplish a little bit, but you can't help it that everything you do is half-assed. So then you beg your coworker to help you out because the deadline is coming up. He doesn't really have any reason to help you because he doesn't really like the idea of making you look good, but he doesn't mind because the project you asked him to do isn't particularly hard and it kind of makes that other coworker, the guy that no one likes, look bad (apparently it's pretty competitive where you work). However, since it's not his project, he loses focus toward the end, which pisses you off a little, but he does finish and you're grateful for the effort. So you squeak through the day no worse for wear, but, man, you really need to do better tomorrow.

When tomorrow comes, you're finally rested up, and ready to grind out more projects. Now you're bright, focused, productive, and intense. Right? Right?

Yeah Twins, I'm talking about you.

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