Friday, August 13, 2010

Twins at White Sox: Please Pass the Antacid


Tuesday -- Twins 12 - White Sox 6
Wednesday -- Twins 1 - White Sox 6
Thursday -- Twins 6 - White Sox 1

Two of three baby!

Record: 65-50, 1 game ahead

I've gotta keep this one short, but I couldn't let series go without mentioning it.

How much fun was that, anyway? But I tell ya, it sucks to have chronic acid reflux, because this series was pretty stressful. First place in the division is at stake here, and no one wants another game 163.
  • Scott Baker was shaky and gave up five runs. That's usually a recipe for losing, and often very nerve-racking. Twins fans don't like their nerves racked. Fortunately, the Twins scored early and often, so it all turned out good.
  • Glen Perkins (ack!) pitched like the Glen Perkins (ack!) I remember. And, apparently, when a Triple-A pitcher is on the mound, the Triple-A defense plays too. Stressful and maddening.
  • Fransico Liriano was both brutal and brilliant. He got in jams, and got out of jams. Fortunately, the brilliant won out. And when Guerrier came out to get that final bases-loaded out? Yeah, I was a, tense.
So, all of the above combined to give me this:

But, for as stressful, nerve-racking, sticky, strenuous, tiring, wearing, jumpy, keyed-up, and onerous these games were, it's sure fun. All games are important, but games with the closest rival with only, what?, 48 games left in the season, are a blast! If my stomach can handle it.

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