Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twins at Rays: Alternate Universe

Monday -- Twins 2 -  Rays 4
Tuesday -- Twins 4 - Rays 6
Wednesday -- Twins 2 - Rays 1 (13)
Thursday -- Twins 8 - Rays 6

Record: 61-48, 1.5 games back

Earlier today, I listened to a podcast about quantum theory and parallel universes (totally over my head, by the way), but if you think about it, this series seems to have "anti-Twins" and "just odd" written all over it.

  • Carl Pavano, who had been the go-to-guy to end a losing streak by pitching brilliantly, ended a winning streak by pitching dully. 
  • Rays rookie pitcher Jeremy Hellickson pitched like a big-league Cy Young Award winner, then gots sent to AAA 17 minutes after his game.
  • The Twins pitching staff, who coming into the series had given up the fewest walks in the MLB, gave up a crapload of walks.
  • The Twins defense, which is usually pretty solid, looked like it was playing on quicksand.
  • Scott Baker, who had been struggling, pitched crazy-amazingly.
  • Kevin Slowey, who had been stalling on the mound and shaking off the catcher lately, pitched quickly, efficiently, and crazy-amazingly.
  • The Twins bullpen, which had been great lately, blew leads in two games.
  • The two games in which the Twins bullpen blew leads, the Twins won.
  • The Twins were on the road, and they caught some breaks.
  • Jon Rauch, an obviously-grown man, contracted a (usually) childhood virus (hand, foot, and mouth disease).
  • The Twins, who had spent the last decade trying to get out of a domed stadium and had finally succeeded, saved the series split by the grace of the domed stadium ground rules.
  • Jason Kubel, probably the shiest guy on the team, has totally earned the right to strut his stuff. Picture this: as the Twins fly to Cleveland, Kubes walking up and down the plane aisle, shaking his booty and singing "I'm a model you know what I mean, And I do my little turn on the catwalk, Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk yeah, I do my little turn on the catwalk..."


Liz Strand said...

I love alternate universe/parallel worlds and quantum physics concepts. I happen to be really dumb at science and but I love the ideas behind it!

I still [want to] believe that in a parallel world, Brett Favre threw the ball away & Longwell kicked a 59 yd (or so) FG to win the NFC championship, and Joe Nathan successfully saved Game 2 in the ALDS, among other events.

JimCrikket said...

Obviously, the Yankee$ $uck (and have $ucked every season) in the parallel universe. Gotta like that.

Tricia said...

I really like Liz & JimCrikket's parallel universes!

I think the ball on the catwalk was the baseball gods' way of making things even. I didn't see the at-bat by Willie Aybar, but apparently Crain threw good pitches & the ump was blind.

bizmarkie507 said...

i dont know why people make fun of this song. Its actually incredible. and it goes from an A to an A+ when the guitarist comes in who looks like the boyfriend from family ties.