Friday, August 27, 2010

Twins at Rangers: Narrow Escape

Monday — Twins 0 - Rangers 6
Tuesday — Twins 3 - Rangers 4
Wednesday — Twins 3 - Rangers 4
Thursday — Twins 6 - Rangers 4

Record: 73-55, 3 1/2 games up

Whew. That was close. That series was ugly, but it could've been horrendous.

On Monday, the Twins narrowly escaped being no-hit thanks to Joe Mauer. No, really, THANKS Joe Mauer. No one wants to be no-hit. And as much as I love historical pitching performances, I don't like them when they happen against my Twins.  Even though it would have been a combined no-hitter, it still would've been historical — I guess they're more rare than single-guy no-hitters. (To be fair, I don't know that for sure, and I'm too lazy to look it up. Someone on Twitter said that — I don't remember who (sorry) — so, ... yeah. This is one drawback to following a bunch of people: someone says something cool four days ago, and there's no going back to find it.)

So, by the time Wednesday's game was over, it looked pretty clear that the Twins would be swept. As if being swept in a regular series wasn't bad enough, being swept in a four-game series would've been almost unforgivable. They were facing Cliff Lee in the final game — this didn't look good.

But, happily, the Twins escaped certain embarrassment, got it together and took the last game. Liriano was stellar, and the offense shook off their yips. Although, it did help that Cliff Lee kind of stunk. Which leads to talk about him "phoning it in" for the Rangers ever since he went there.

These rumors neither surprise nor upset me.


I guess I should give a nice polite welcome Randy Flores. I really need to follow National League teams more, since the Twins seem to gather their pitching staff from there.

So, Randy, welcome to the Twins. I don't know anything about you, so feel free to make a good first impression.

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