Monday, May 10, 2010

A Few Off-Day Notes

Delmon Young Day
The genius behind Nick Punto DayAndrew Kneeland, has declared May 12 to be Delmon Young day. So, look forward to that. If you're a blogger, get writing. If you're a reader, be prepared for a day of Delmonpalooza. (Although, you'd think he'd say something on Twitter reminding everyone or something...)

TwinsCentric Party
Be sure to set aside Saturday, May 15 for another TwinsCentric Viewing party, this time at Major's in Bloomington.

Here's the info.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to go (unless my plans change, but I doubt they will). But you should go because they're always a good time.


On a personal note...

A great co-worker and friend of mine, Tim, passed away recently. He was a great Twins fan and always knew just the right thing to say to start terrific baseball conversations. He was a friend and supporter of this blog in its early days. He also nobly attempted to help me with my golf stroke -- a losing endeavor to be sure as I'm a natural-born golf-hack (plus it didn't help that he was left-handed and I'm right-handed). He was probably the most mannerly person I knew, but I he also had a tremendous sense of humor. I'll miss him greatly. My prayers go to his family, whom I know he loved very much -- I could always hear the pride in his voice whenever he spoke of them.

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