Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brewers at Twins: Stranded

Friday -- Brewers 3 - Twins 15
Saturday -- Brewers 7 - Twins 8 (12)
Sunday -- Brewers 4 - Twins 3

Twins take series 2 - 1
Record: 26 - 18


I don't feel too bad that the Twins didn't sweep the Brewers. In fact, my son's buddy, who is a Brewers fan, sweetly asked me if it would be ok if they could just have one eensy weensy little win. He's such a cute sweet-talker, I don't see how I could resist. So, I guess today's loss is on me.

Although, it didn't have to be that way. And Saturday's game didn't have to be so long either. You know I love this team. It's great. We've got hitters -- Justin Morneau is leading the league in hitting and a whole bunch of other good stuff. We've got pretty good pitchers -- sure the bullpen kind of blew up on Saturday, but by and large they're not too bad. Overall, there's not too much to complain about.

But if there was one little thing I could change, it would be the men-left-on-base thing.

Friday: 8 LOB (ok, I'm not gonna complain too much when the runs outnumber the LOBs)
Saturday: 17 LOB
Sunday: 14 LOB

I know, I've whined about this before; many fans have. And since the Twins are still winning most of their games, it's not a horrible problem. But I would hate for it to become a horrible problem. I remember last year, they used to be so good in those situation, and I really liked those days. I just wish they'd get this straightened out, and I'm pretty confident they will. In fact, Andrew Kneeland of Twins Target keeps assuring me that it'll be fine.

But it's not a whole lot of fun to see this inning after inning:

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