Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Grief Counseling

We've all heard by now that the best pitcher in baseball (not to mention the sexiest man on the planet) has been traded and will no longer play for the Twins. This is very, very sad news. Much like sitting with a loved-one with a serious illness, we were prepared for the inevitable. But knowing it's coming doesn't make it easier to take. Let's go through the five stages of grief together:
  1. Denial - Well, the deal is not quite final yet. Johan still has to accept a contract extension and pass a physical (seriously?). Maybe, just maybe he'll block the trade and choose to stay with the Twins.

  2. Anger - Are you serious? Where are the players I've actually heard of? Where's Jacoby Ellsbury? Where's Melky Cabrera? Who the heck is Carlos Gomez anyways? Dan Barreiro pretty much covered the whole emotion on his radio program today.

  3. Bargaining - Many times bargaining happens before the loss. Just last week, Sid held on to hopes that the Twins would keep Johan, practically bargaining with them to not let him leave.

  4. Depression - Yeah, this one's pretty obvious. Howard Sinker admits that he's more sad than mad. I have to agree.

  5. Acceptance - The silver lining (well maybe cheap chrome lining) here is that he went to a National League team and we don't have to worry about facing him. And we know that the Twins have done a good job picking prospects before, right?

So, good luck Johan. I sincerely hope you win another bajillion Cy Youngs. I'll look forward to seeing you in the All-Star Game.

As for me, I'll be holding shivah like Izzy.


JS said...

Unbelievably depressing trade!I wonder if Bill Smith slept last night.- JS

Twins Sisters said...

I feel like I've been punched in the gut. I hate that Johan is leaving, even though I saw it coming.