Monday, January 21, 2008

A Little Therapy, and a Little Pensiveness

Thank goodness FSN runs Twins Classics games during the off-season. They re-aired Johan's 17-strikeout game from August. It was perfect timing for me -- I was mad at my boss, and my commute home sucked (why does 1/4 inch of snow have to cause freeways to turn into parking lots?) -- so a baseball game was a treat, even if it was an encore.

I loved seeing the guys again; I had honestly forgotten about Tommy Watkins and Alexi Casilla. Johan was his normal beautiful self, stiking out guys all over the place. And Nathan made it interesting in the ninth, which was strangely satisfying. I was totally into it -- even cheering whenever Johan would notch another strikeout. My kids thought I was nuts ("Mom, you know how this game ends").

It was great to see the "no longers" one last time -- Torii, Bartlett (who was on the bench with a hammy pull), and Tyner (who came in in the eighth as a defensive replacement). But it was terribly bittersweet to watch Johan tip his hat when he came out after the eighth. Wow. I guess it would be easier if we just knew...


Jen said...

I totally agree! I love the "classic" games. I was at the bar last night and made them turn one of the televisions to FSN. It is a good way to warm up for Twins Fest.

Twins Sisters said...

When are these games on??? I can't believe I didn't know about this. It will really help me deal with my baseball withdrawl. Cool!

Twins Sisters said...

Would you post a comment on our blog and let me know when these games are on? I went to FSN and I couldn't figure it out...thanks!