Monday, August 29, 2011

Just For Laughs

I'm not the biggest Joe Mauer fan in the world. I mean, I like that he's on the Twins, and when he's healthy, I truly appreciate his talent. I have nothing against him at all, but I've never really developed a personal attachment to him like I have for Cuddyer or Nathan.

However, this brings him up a few spots on my list:

Apparently, this was filmed several months ago, but Anytime Fitness released it Monday.

The irony (well, maybe not irony...coincidence anyway) is not lost that they released this ad just days after Joe Mauer admitted that he needs a better off-season workout routine. Maybe this will prove to be good motivation.

A lot of people are harping on Joe lately about sitting out too much and not being tough enough. I don't necessarily agree. Yeah, he's had a sucky year, but I can't believe this is happening by his design. And, at this point, what the use of him playing hurt?

Say what you will about him. But there's no doubt that this ad is pretty clever. It's worth a fact, I'd say it's worth a chuckle or two.


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