Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'd Like to Buy...

A great-big ice cream sundae for:

Armando Galarraga

With all the buzz about blown calls and umpiring mistakes, let's not forget that Galarrago had an awesome pitching performance on Wednesday. He was fantastic, and truly deserves a heap of praise. Very impressive indeed. We all know he deserved to have his perfect game. He earned one; it's a shame he didn't get one.

Almost as impressive was his classy reaction to the blown call. He didn't shout; he didn't hold the ball in the umpire's face; he didn't stomp around. He just stood, smiled, and went back to work. I'll never forget that confused, bewildered smile.

Why ice cream instead of beer? Well, ice cream makes everything better. If anyone is in need of feeling better, it's Armando. It's always been my experience that bad times call for ice cream. And maybe a hug.

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