Thursday, March 25, 2010

Short Notes - Mar. 25

Target Field and the Curious Marketing Ploy
This past weekend, many folks got to tour Target Field. Unfortunately, I wasn't one of them, but I really enjoyed looking at everyone's pictures on Facebook and other places on the web. Everyone is raving about it. One of my co-workers went, and she showed me some fantastic pictures too. And she brought me a copy of the Target Field Fan Guide (she's so thoughtful). The guide is very informative, and I'm grateful she gave it to me. When I turned it to the back side, I wasn't surprised to see an ad for Target. They want you to go to Target to pick up all the things you need for a trip to ballpark: sunblock, sunglasses, cap, sunflower seeds, mitt.... But, wait a sec...what is that?

Do NOT tell me they're advocating you bring a beach ball to the baseball game. I mean don't get me wrong, I love Target. I'd totally go there to pick up sunblock, a cap, or flip flops on my way to the game. But, I'm morally opposed to beach balls at baseball games. I hate, hate, hate beach balls at baseball games. In fact, I even started a Facebook group about it. But, the funny thing is, it's not just me who wants to ban beach balls from baseball games; Target Field itself wants to ban beach balls from baseball games. It says so right on page 10 of the very same Fan Guide.
A classic case of the Marketing Department refusing to communicate with other departments. Trust me, I know what that's all about.

Really, Glen Perkins?
So Glen Perkins will miss a few days because he hurt his lifting weights. Seriously? That just sounds like an out-of-shape-fat-guy thing to do. What's next? Miss five games because he stubbed his toe? Does he even want to pitch?

Bubble Guy
Every spring, I like to select one guy who I hope makes the roster, but who probably won't, so I root for him along the way. Because he's on the bubble between the majors and AAA, I call him my bubble guy. And this year's bubble guy is ... pitcher Anthony Slama. He's pitched well, raising some eyebrows, making waves in the "who's the closer" conversation. But the selling point is ... check out this picture from the Knuckleballs blog (a blog that, if you haven't checked out yet, you should):
Look at that! Old-school stirrups! How sweet is that?
Now go visit that blog and check out the rest of the Spring Training pictures and other good stuff.

Speaking of Blogs You Should Read 
I've reorganized my blogroll on the sidebar again. I've added all 64 other Twins blogs that were included on the Newsbobber blog list. To keep it manageable, it only lists the 25 most-recently updated blogs. So check it out often.

Fantasy Baseball
This year, I joined a bunch of other Twins bloggers in a fantasy baseball league. I had the third overall pick, and selected Marlins' shortstop Hanley Ramirez. Then I picked CC Sabathia, Ichiro, and Johan Santana. Then I kind of started drafting poorly. I was distracted by making that ridiculous Joe's World photoshop and helping my kids with their homework during the draft (which kind of explains why that photoshop turned out so crappy, but let me tell you, it's not easy fitting Bill Smith's, um..., large-ish head onto Dana Carvey's slim face). In fact, I was darned lucky to even get a regular catcher, because I kind of forgot about filling that position until late. Luckily, Cardinals' Yadier Molina was still available. Coincidentally, my back up catcher is his brother, Giants' Bengie Molina. I've also got the all-important DL slot filled by drafting the Mets' outfielder Carlos Beltran -- everyone's hoping he'll be good to go by late April.

I don't really expect much. I'm not really a great fantasy baseball mind. My aversion to stats and research kind of handicaps me at such things. But, I'll do my best and have fun. Besides, it's no wonder I don't expect to do well; just look at these great baseball minds I'm playing against:

Andrew Kneeland: Twins Target
Brian Pietrzak: BP's Baseball Blog
Eric Johnson: Undomed
Eric Olson: Call to the 'Pen
Josh Johnson: Josh's Thoughts
Louie Schuth: Hitting the Eephus
Topper Anton: Curve for a Strike

Oh, the name of my team is the "Three Finger Mordecai Browns," named after Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown, a Cubs pitcher from the early 1900s. He lost a significant portion of his index finger in a childhood accident, and many of his opponents claimed that his curveball was aided by that. To this day, the Cubs have not won a World Series in which he didn't appear.

More Recommended Reading

In addition to the Twins blogs, I've run across some gems:

An Indian's fan tells us how he really feels about the Joe Mauer signing. Actually, it's very nicely done -- so much so, that it almost makes me want to be an Indians fan. Ok, not really, but it's still good.

Some Yankee fans are worried about Joe Mauer's signing. Great satire.

Sarah explains how adorableness counts as a legit baseball stat. This is the same Sarah from Oh, It's THOSE Girls, and I swear, she knows exactly how I think and feel about baseball, but she's much more articulate and entertaining about it.


JimCrikket said...

Thanks for the link to Knuckleballs and for the photo credit, k-bro. However, the name is spelled Crikket, with 2 k's (gotta stay out of the cross-hairs of Disney's copyright lawyers yanno!).

By the way, thanks for the link to the Yankee satire. I loved it! (But are you 100% sure it's satire??? Sure sounded like a lot of my Yankee fan friends!)

k-bro said...


Oh dear; that's just unacceptable. I apologize. I should know better than that; I HATE it when people spell my name wrong. I should also know better because I've been looking at your name for years. It's fixed now.

And thank you for posting all those great Spring Training pics on your blog. They're fun to look at.

Betsy said...

I think Glen likes to milk the Twins for money but doesn't want to actually work! He bugs me, and I'm ready for the Twins to cut ties with him and just let him loose.

I think the fan guide is funny of what isn't allowed. Boom boxes...who the hell still calls stereos or ipods "boom boxes"...also no brooms?! well what are we supposed to bring during a possible sweep of a team?! come on!!

k-bro said...


Ha! "Boom Boxes." That makes me think of John Cusack in "Say Anything." Maybe the Twins are afraid he'll show up, stand up in the crowd holding his boom box over his head, and play "In Your Eyes" every time Jon Rauch takes the mound.


JimCrikket said...

k-bro, no worries with regard to the typo. I've been called worse! I'm glad you enjoyed the Spring Training pictures. I actually took over 700 of them in the week I was there. Thank God for digital cameras!

Betsy, note that whisk brooms are allowed! Now we just need to find a place that sells them... and, of course, wait for the Twins to start sweeping series!

KL said...

I was able to go to one of the open houses, and noticed the same blasted thing about the Target ad, pointing it out to the friend who came with me. Ugh. But I figure that since my new seats are directed more at the baseball diamond than facing the old Home Run Porch where my old season seat was, perhaps it'll be less distracting if people try to throw them around. said...

Grrrrrrr... beach balls... *menacing frown* also, to the dorks who were LOUDLY and persistently trying to the start the wave in my section (even though their seats were elsewhere) WHILE THE TWINS WERE AT BAT, may your hangovers tomorrow be remembered for all the ages.

oh, Kbro, joined the group! fantastic! and starting a draft of a post to whine.. err.. protest, all the dumb things people think to do at ballparks. Keeps your eyes posted and be sure to add anything I forget!