Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baseball on TV, Baked Goods, the Infield Fly Rule, and Bullet Points

What's better than watching the first televised Twins game of 2010? Watching it at a viewing party.
What's better than watching the first televised Twins game of 2010 at a viewing party? Watching it at two viewing parties.

On Saturday, I had an awesome opportunity to visit two viewing parties and meet up with some great fellow bloggers and Twins fan.

First was the Baseball and Baked Goods event in Richfield. A fun group of Twins fangirls watched the game, ate some fries with seasoned sour cream, visited, and exchanged baked goods. I brought chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate mint brownies. It was a resounding success!

Then, I headed over to the TwinsCentric party in Apple Valley. The game was over by the time I got there, but a lot of fun people were still there hanging out. I had an extra pan of those chocolate mint brownies (I made two pans), so I brought those in.

I had such a fun time meeting and visiting with so many folks and talking baseball. Really, it was a blast. So much so that I can't really put my thoughts together cohesively. So you know what that means -- bullet points! So, in no particular order, my impressions of Saturday's festivities.
  • The Twins Spring Training hats are really dumb. There's this extra bit of piping that runs down the front of the bill on the side; it looks like they messed up the bill and had to add more.
  • Betsy says I'm supposed to drink a shot every time I use the word "awesome" because she hates it when people say it too much. Great, I'm already 4 behind.
  • I make pretty good chocolate mint brownies.
  • Ok, I think the brownies are pretty good. Apparently every one else thinks they're rapturous. Life-changing, even.
  • I knew Delmon Young had trimmed down, but ... damn!
  • Matt "Tigger" Tolbert does not like catching a pop-up in the sunshine. He does, however, really appreciate the infield fly rule.
  • I impress people with my ability to recite the infield fly rule. In fact, I'm thinking of having a shirt made up:
Infield fly rule: When there is a force at third base, and fewer than two outs, if a ball is popped up such that an infielder should reasonably be able to catch it, the umpire may, at his discretion, invoke the infield fly rule. The batter is automatically out; the runners may advance at their own risk.
  • Seth Stohs politely reminded me that I forgot the "in fair territory" part. So there goes that. Thanks for bursting my bubble, Seth.
  • The general consensus is that the Twins fans love Denard Span and are happy for him that he signed a 5 year deal, but that maybe as a business decision, it only makes sense if he turns out to be a super premiere centerfielder for the next 5 years.
  • Eric claims that he'll kick my ass in fantasy baseball. Yeah, he probably will. But he's not so special -- everybody will.
  • Apparently, because of those brownies, I've been nominated The Official Betty Freaking Crocker of Twins Territory.
  • I learned that four people with a few beers in them sitting in a bar can hammer out Joe Mauer's contract no problem.
  • We recommend that Joe Mauer, Ron Shapiro, Bill Smith, and Jim Pohland go to a bar, tip back a few brews, and GET. IT. DONE.
  • If I have to bring rapturous brownies to the bar where the above meeting is taking place to facilitate things, I'll do it. Whatever it takes; I don't mind.
  • Pat Neshek wants to be the closer, and he wants everyone to know it.
  • Joes Mijares, apparently, does not.
So...those brownies. You want the recipe? I could just tell you that it's an old family secret, or that I invented it myself, but that's not how I roll. I like to give credit where credit's due. I got the recipe emailed to me from Betty Crocker herself (the real one, not the freaking one): chocolate mint brownies. 

Here's the k-bro twist: since I had neither mint extract nor green food coloring for the filling, I simply streamed Creme De Menthe liqueur -- the good stuff -- into the mixer as I blended the sugar, butter, cream, and cream cheese. I didn't really measure how much; I just kept going until it looked right and tasted good.

Yup, like Jen, I get people liquored up with my baked goods. That's probably why people like them so much.

In summary, it was an awesome (take a shot) good time. I hope there will be more events like this. I really enjoyed visiting with everyone I met. I would like to name everyone I talked to, but really, there were so many, I'll forget someone. Thanks to Sarah for setting up the Baseball and Baked Goods party; and to John, Nick, Parker, and Seth for setting up the TwinsCentric one.


Katie said...

We need to do more get togethers like that through the season. I had a great time!

Topper said...

I wish I could've been there ... next time I'm in town please organize a blogger get together with creme de menth brownies? Pretty please?

John H said...

If you really want to get technical add this part "and there is a force play at third or home." Silly but why not?

Carl said...

I would just like to back up all of the positivity involved with these brownies.