Monday, June 15, 2009

I Think Jason Kubel Wants Me To Love Him

I've never really given much thought to Jason Kubel. He's always just kind of been there, just quietly doing his job and not making any noise about it. I've always catagorized him in the "Glad He's On My Team, But Don't Really Have Much Else To Say" group.

He doesn't appear in clever commercials. His interview skills are, well, awkward, but at least he tries. He's not expected to go to the All Star Game or win any post-season awards. He regularly participates, along with Mauer and Crede, in the Great Clubhouse Quiet-Off. I'm willing to bet the boldest thing he does is fill in the daily crossword in pen.

You don't hear about him doing anything goofy; you don't hear about him doing anything stupid. You don't see him dance in the dugout; you hear him sulk to the press. He neither seeks nor eschews the limelight. He makes a very middle-of-the road salary. He's the very center of the middle of the median of personality, while at the same time, on the very outside edge of attention.

And it seems like lately, he's tired of being Mr. Average.
  • He's hit a homerun in four of his last five games and 11 on the season.
  • He's only the second player this season to hit a homerun out of Wrigley Field.
  • He holds the lead for batting average for DHs.
  • He's on pace to hit about 27 homeruns and drive in about 91 runs (assuming my math is correct, which is iffy at best)
  • His OPS and SLG have improved over the last two years. His AVG has greatly improved over the last two years.
  • His homeruns this year seem more impressive, or timely, or -- something -- compared to the last two years.
  • Oh, and that cycle, topped off with the grand-slam...yeah.

I adore awesome pitching and dazzling defense. However, as the DH, he can only get my attention with his bat.

Well, Mr. Kubel, you have it. Keep up the good work.

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