Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guest Blogger Tricia: Why the Twins owe us a World Series victory, for real...

[Note from k-bro: Hey everyone, today's post was written by Tricia, formerly of the Twins Sisters blog. Tricia and her sister closed up their blog earlier this season, but she had something on her mind. So I invited her to post her thoughts here. Please make her feel welcome.]

Usually my MO is to procrastinate, but that won't work here. If we want a confetti parade come November, we have to lay down the law now. Who cares that we haven't even reached the All Star break yet?

  • They gave us a Series victory in the 80s and one in the 90s. They can't be allowed to skip a decade. We need a World Series victory in the ZeroZeros.

  • Torii and Johan have to realize that the grass ain't always greener on the other side.

  • Imagine if he got a World Series ring. I think that would be a great way to guarantee that Joe Mauer would be a Twin For Life.

  • It is well past time to break up this East Coast death grip on sports championships. Especially the state of Pennsylvania's. Seriously...a World Series, a Superbowl, and a Stanley Cup championship all in 8 months' time? Enough!

  • It would be all kinds of fun to drive my husband nuts. I talk baseball so much that I'm sure half the time he just hears, "Blah blah blah." If the Twins won the World Series, I could talk baseball all winter long. Usually he gets a break between the World Series and spring training.

  • The Twins have the kewlest blogosphere in all of baseball. If they won, we'd inundate the 'Net to the point that it would probably explode.

  • They owe us some big playoff victories after the way they broke our poor hearts in 2004 and 2006.

  • They have to send the Dome out in style. Many of us have scant, if any, memories of the old Metropolitan Stadium.

  • It would kick ass to go to Twins Fest in January '10 and get our pictures taken with the World Series MVP, whoever it happened to be.

  • Think of how completely excellent it would be to go to the 7th game of the Series and watch an extra innings walk-off win. It's the Twins, after all. Nothing is ever easy.

I think those are some pretty dang compelling reasons the Twins owe us a World Series title in '09. We should start shredding newspapers for confetti now.



Katie said...

Great post Tricia and welcome back!!

We need a world series this year...I know a few people saving PTO for this specific reason, myself included (or at least for the playoffs).

Tricia said...

Thanks for the space, k-bro. Thanks Katie for the welcome back too. :-) I love when the Twins play interleague games...they do so well at it, and they make the playoffs seem like a real possibility.

For The Love... said...

I concur! They need to go to the World Series (and win). I wouldn't mind one bit!

S.Rail said...

Welcome back Tricia! I will start shredding newspapers right away :)

Jim H. said...

If Blackie keeps throwing complete game shutouts, Tricia's wishes may come true.


Liz Strand said...

Very nice. I can agree with all that! (Although I never saw the Twins play at Met Stadium, I do recall standing on the pitcher's mound after an early season Viking's game!) And I know the sadness my dad had when the old Met went away. He kept saying it wouldn't be 20 yrs before people were whining about the Dome.