Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Head Scratcher

Like I've mentioned before, I'm not anywhere close to thinking about considering myself an expert when it comes to managing a baseball game. I love the game; I have a basic understanding of the game; I know many rules of the game; but I am lacking in many of the nuances of the game. Much of the "strategery" that happens before each play ensues is lost on me, simply because I've never been out there.

With that being said, I am wondering why in the world Gardy would pull Crede for a pinch-runner (Casilla) after his lead-off triple (which was smokin' hot by the way) in the top of the ninth of Wednesday's game. I know that Casilla is a much faster runner than Crede, and I know we really needed the run, but there was nobody out, so a simple base-hit or a decent sac fly would've scored any runner easily (even Matthew LeCroy).

My real problem with the whole thing is: wouldn't you want your best defense on the field for the bottom of the ninth in a close game? It was a tie game right at that point, so a bottom of the ninth was guaranteed. I don't mean to be mean, but lately "best defense on the field" doesn't include Alexi Casilla. It does, however, include Joe Crede. And what if that were the only run the Twins scored? Then that double that Giambi hit would've loomed even larger.

I'm just glad that Delmon and Brendan made the whole thing a moot point.

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