Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Few Thoughts About Today's Game

Twins 4, Bad Guys 6
  • Gee, it was nice to hear Dick and Bert's voices again. I much prefer them over the ESPN morons.

  • The more I see Delmon Young, the more I like him. Same with Craig Monroe.

  • I'm kind of bummed that Alejandro Machado got sent to the minors in the first cuts. I like him. Same with Brian Duensing.

  • How come it is that everything seems right with the world when Mike Redmond is shaking off some stinger, smack, nick, knock, or some other ouchie?

  • Michael Cuddyer is the perfect spokesman for the team. He's so well spoken and he always says the right things.

And in other news:

The Texas Rangers signed Sidney Ponson to a minor-league contract. Ok, well, good luck with that. It's just interesting that he has a team now, and Kyle Lohse still doesn't.

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