Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beer Call

Another perfect game, another beer tab for me. I would like to buy a beer for Giants pitcher Matt Cain for his perfect game on Wednesday night.

Unfortunately for me, the whole thing happened after I went to bed, so I didn't even get to participate in all the Twitter buzz during the game. Blasted west coast games.

But anyway, from all that I read, Cain pitched well (14 strikeouts) and had some great defense behind him. A whole team effort.

It used to be that perfect games were quite rare and special. However, the fact that they're not so rare lately doesn't mean they're not still special. They're special because they're very difficult feats of excellence and luck, and the fact that we've happened to see a cluster of them in a short time doesn't change that. The clustering is merely coincidence.

So, here's to you, Matt Cain. Thanks for reminding baseball fans everywhere just how awesome this game is.

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