Sunday, May 13, 2012

Living Well, Blue Jays Series Recap, and Other Notes

After a truly awful, embarrassing effort by the Twins on Thursday, they got it together and acted like a big league team the rest of the series. A split of a four-game series against a pretty good team isn't bad, and Saturday's loss was at least somewhat respectable (if there is such a thing as a "respectable loss").

A few notes:
  • Brian Dozier keeps flirting with me. I was happy for him for his first big league homer, and his defense makes me smile.
  • Scott Diamond is flirting with me too. Another super-duper-quality start out of him. 
  • Speaking of Scott Diamond, there is one drawback to him pitching well: all the reporters use some kind of lame "Diamond/gem" play on words. Yeah, we get it.
  • I've been pleased by Matt Capps performances lately. 
  • Speaking of Matt Capps: the lame name play on words trick applies to him too (Capps off the game, et. al.), but maybe not to the Diamond extent.
  • PJ Walters didn't look too bad on Saturday. Too bad the Twins decided to be really good at leaving men on base that day.
  • I don't have a problem with Willingham's defense lately. 
Mother's Day weekend was very nice for me. I took my mom and a couple of friends to the Twins game on Saturday, and we had a unexpectedly great time. We were treated especially well, and we loved it despite the loss.

Sunday was fun; I had the Twins game on the TV in the garage as I planted my flowers around the yard. My kids treated me like a queen. And the Twins won!

I've got a good life, and I'm grateful for it.

Injury watch
Justin Morneau hopes to begin swinging a bat again soon and try to return soon.

Carl Pavano's velocity is noticeably lower this season. He had an MRI recently, apparently to see if there was an obvious cause. It's unclear if he's suffering any pain or discomfort. The MRI revealed some inflammation and a strain to the interior shoulder capsule (the front of the shoulder). He still plans to start on Monday, but I'm sure the long-relief guys have been put on alert. If things don't go well, he said he'll try a cortisone shot.

Scott Diamond took a line drive off his shoulder area during Sunday's game, but he remained in the game and pitched well. He might feel it in the morning.

Kyle Waldrop, who was placed on the DL (strained UCL) during Spring Training, has begun a rehab stint in Fort Myers. He'll need a few more starts before he's activated; the Twins will decide at that time where he'll report (I predict AAA at first).

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