Monday, January 2, 2012

Miscellany and Links

No Quick Notes this week because, well, there's been no news this week. Sounds like the Twins front office took the holiday week off. I'm sure that most other teams' front offices and many agents' offices also took the week off as well (except the White Sox I guess as they made a bunch of moves over the last few days), so I doubt the Twins really missed out on much. Besides, that's what cell phones are for.

There's been no real news, unless you count the few random tweets Twins President Dave St. Peter wrote a few days ago. To recap:
  • The reason there are so many afternoon games on Saturdays early in the season has to do with the fact that, in Minnesota, the temperature is usually warmer during the day than it is after the sun goes down, and it matters in April. Based on the number of times Mr. St. Peter needed to answer to this topic, it seems that fans are still wrapping their heads around the logistics of outdoor baseball.
  • The turf will be covered during the Chesney/McGraw concert in an effort to protect it. Any anticipated damage is dependent on the weather. A later tweet by the Twins grounds crew showed a picture of the material they're putting under the legs of the stage.
  • Kent Hrbek is getting a statue out on the plaza. Hopefully it'll be ready for Opening Day.
  • Danny Valencia is changing his uniform number from 19 to 22. Danny verified it by saying he's going back to his lifelong number. This is kind of bad news for those (like my son) who have Danny's jersey. It's also bad news for those (like me) who will always have #22 in their hearts for Brad Radke.
  • Mr. St. Peter is lobbying hard for the hockey Winter Classic (outdoor hockey game) to be played at Target Field. The decision is ultimately up to the NHL and the Wild. It'd be pretty sweet if they could swing it. I'm not sure I could afford to get tickets to the game, but I'd still consider hanging out on the plaza.
So I can't think of any thing else to say. I'd try to write a story or something, but I've got nothing. I guess my Muse also took a few days off for the holidays. However, I've found a lot of interesting things to read. So I'll shore the fine work by other folks for your enjoyment.

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