Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Greetings

So 2011 was pretty crappy for Minnesota sports fans. The Twins narrowly missed losing 100 games, the Vikings could still be close the being the worst team in the NFL, the football Gophers...ugh, the Timberwolves are what they are -- it's all enough to make fans cry. The only real bright spot was the Minnesota Lynx, but unfortunately for me, I don't really like basketball so I didn't really enjoy the victory. The Wild are pretty interesting this season and it would be fun if they could be legitimate contenders. Issues with the Metrodome roof causing TwinsFest to be relocated and discord with the NFL and NBA and their players' unions were also among the frustrations.

But the sports story of year has to be the injuries...the debilitating injuries for all the teams.

I wish I could eliminate all the awful, ugly, unlucky 2011 gremlins.

So here's hoping that 2012 provides Minnesota fans with much more entertainment and Minnesota athletes with much more good health.

Also, I'd like to wish all my readers a great new year, in sports fandom and all other aspects of life. I truly appreciate all of you who stop by this silly little blog and would be thrilled if you keep coming back in 2012. Thanks for hanging with me.

May your best of 2011 be your worst of 2012.

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