Monday, April 11, 2011

Some Crappy Pictures from Sunday's Game

I do have a nice camera, but it's a brute and I kind of hate carrying it around. My husband was already carrying a backpack of jackets, rain gear, and food, so there wasn't any way he was going to carry it. So, I used my phone to take some pictures of Target Field on Sunday. The pictures are ok when I didn't zoom in; they're crappy when I did.

At any rate, here they are:

It was a hazy, humid, and breezy day at the park.

But the rain stayed away, so it was decent weather for baseball.

They have Thome Homer countdown. It was at 589 before the game.

They're also counting down games until Bert gets inducted into the Hall of Fame.

They honored the UMD Bulldogs National Hockey Champions. Congrats, guys!

Scott Baker delivering. It was probably a ball.

Cuddy playing second base. He did all right.

T.C. waiting until the end of the half-inning so he can get on the field and shoot some shirts.

Big Jim at the plate.

I hope these folks got circled by Bert.

Jumbo-tron proposal. Except this isn't the right couple. Oopsie. Poor Dustin and Miranda.

They're changing Jim Thome's homerun countdown to 590. His homer landed in the concourse area right below the countdown sign. Boom!

Ok, you tell me... Does this say that Young and Kubel "'stuck' out swinging"? We couldn't really tell from where we were sitting.

That's it. Maybe next time I'll bring my good camera.


Maija said...

Oh my god--so glad you got a picture of the epic jumbotron proposal fail! I couldn't get my camera out quick enough... Considering how proposals happen almost every game, and it gets really old when you go to more than one game, that was pretty sweet.

Rachel said...

You must have been sitting right above me. I was in 121.