Sunday, November 7, 2010

Notes: Nov. 7, 2010

The free agency season has officially begun. Ten Twins were granted free agency, which is kind of a lot (only the Rays have more with 12).

Here are the guys we may not see in a Twins uniform any more:
  • Crain
  • Flores
  • Fuentes
  • Guerrier
  • Hudson
  • Mahay
  • Pavano
  • Punto
  • Rauch
  • Thome
Here is my plan: keep the guys I really like, and best wishes to the other guys.


On October 30, Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press reported that Michael Cuddyer had emergency appendectomy surgery two days prior. But, what's weird is, no one else reported it. Honestly, I looked.

Now, I'm not necessarily a fan of Shooter, but I would think a journalist who's spilled as much ink as he has wouldn't just make stuff up. So, I guess I believe him. But wouldn't you think that someone, anyone, would also mention it? Fifteen people told me about his little knee-cleanup surgery a couple of weeks ago, so I'm confused as to why it's not all over the usual outlets.

I guess everyone takes it to heart when Walters titles that segment of his column "Don't Print That."

And if it is true, Cuddy is a quick healer; he tweeted Sunday about taking his boy to the Wiggles concert. He even proved it with a picture. He looks good (yes, he always looks good; I mean healthy).

So, Cuddy honey, if you really did have your appendix out about 10 days ago, I hope you're well. And if you didn't, I still hope you're well, but I think you should openly mock and laugh at Charley Walters.


Allow me to give you an update on my crocheted scarf project. Turns out I'm pretty bad at judging size. Not only is it way to wide for my neck, it's also turning out to be way too long (it's a pattern, so I can't just stop). It's so big, it's suitable for Paul Bunyan. Or Jim Thome.

Hey, I have an idea...I'm totally willing to throw in this scarf-asaurus in any offer the Twins give to Jimmers. Big, strong sluggers have to keep warm, you know.


My birthday was this past week, and I finally got a Brad Radke jersey. Yay me! This is my first player jersey (the other one I have is plain). At least I know I can't bring bad luck to Radke's Twins career.

The notable part about this is that Radke jerseys are really hard to find. So, I'm very happy to get this.


Speaking of getting old, I take an unusual interest in players over 40. I looked them up to see their contract status and see how many of them were free agents. I guess it's kind of typical that a lot of them are free agents; older guys usually get only one-year contracts. Of the 15 active players in the MLB who are 40 or older, only three -- Tim Wakefield, Omar Vizquel, and Darren Oliver -- have contracts for 2011. Here's a breakdown:
  • Jamie Moyer* (SP) -- free agent from Philadelphia Phillies
  • Tim Wakefield (SP) -- 2011 contract with Boston Red Sox ($1.5 mil + incentives)
  • Omar Vizquel (IF) -- 2011 contract with Chicago White Sox ($1.75 mil)
  • Trevor Hoffman (RP) -- free agent from Milwaukee Brewers
  • Matt Stairs (OF/PH) -- free agent from San Diego Padres
  • Russ Springer** (RP) -- free agent from Cincinnati Reds
  • Brad Ausmus (C) -- free agent from Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Arthur Rhodes (RP) -- free agent from Cincinnati Reds
  • Mariano Rivera (RP) -- free agent from New York Yankees
  • Takashi Saito (RP) -- released from Atlanta Braves
  • Jim Edmonds (OF) -- free agent from Cincinnati Reds
  • Mark Grudzielanek (IF) -- released from Cleveland Indians
  • Craig Counsell (IF) -- free agent from Milwaukee Brewers
  • Jim Thome (DH) -- free agent from Minnesota Twins
  • Darren Oliver (RP) -- 2011 option picked up with Texas Rangers ($3.25 mil)
* Jamie Moyer, unfortunately, may have to call it quits. He's playing in the Dominican Winter League to rehab his surgically repaired elbow and to prove he's still good enough. However, after just a few pitches on Saturday, he re-injured his arm. It doesn't look good.

** Russ Springer was not on my original blog post about the graybeards because he was likely sitting at home that day. He didn't sign with the Reds until mid-July.

So I'll keep track of these guys and see who gets signed, who retires, and who fades away....


Rachel said...

I was wondering about that report on Cuddyer's appendectomy too. It seems like something that people would have picked up.

I'll throw in a hand-crocheted blanket for Thome, to go with your scarf.

Anonymous said...

I hope most of the over-40 crowd is able to stick around for another season. It makes me feel just a little bit younger knowing that they're still playing.

AJ said...

Keep Pavano and Thome. I don't care about the rest.