Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please Allow Me a Little Self-Promotion

Remember that Metrodome memories story I wrote for Minnesota Public radio? Well, they must've liked it because they asked me to do a short interview for their Morning Edition program.

A friendly intern came to my work, and after short time of technical difficulties, she recorded my answer to "what's your favorite Metrodome moment?"

Let me tell you, there's a reason I'm not in broadcasting. I was pretty nervous; I talked too fast and too loud. And I'm pretty sure I said the word "awesome" too many times. But it was still kind of fun. After she edits it all together (we wound up having to do it in three pieces), it should be only about 60 seconds.

They're creating a bunch of these fan stories, and they'll jam them into their regular programming all Friday morning. Therefore, it's hard to know when it'll air -- sometime between 6 and 9 am on Friday.

So if you listen to Morning Edition on MPR, keep an ear peeled for my little segment. I'll be the one who sounds like a mixture a Frances McDormand from Fargo and Fran Drescher from The Nanny. (Actually, I used my real name, Kirsten Brown, so listen for that.)

If I happen to find it on their website, I'll let you know.


thrylos98 said...


this sounds like fun :)

(but could you write down and post that frozen banana recipe - minus the sparklies- Diana's bananas is a staple around here :) )

k-bro said...

Thanks thrylos,

Frozen bananas -- really just chocolate chips, with a sploosh (sploosh = a little more than a splash) of milk, melted, then coating the bananas and sticking them in the freezer. Mine was a little thick, so dipping didn't really work -- it was more like frosting.

Jim H. said...

A star is born!

Move over, Sylvia Pogioli and Cokie Roberts and Noah Adams.