Sunday, September 27, 2009

Henry Ford Advice

So, it was a pretty good weekend for the Twins. Of course, it could've been better if they hadn't psyched themselves into losing to Zack Greinke. But, thanks to Ozzie and his Sox winning two in their series with Detroit, the Twins were still able to gain a little ground on the Tigers.

Friday: Twins 9 - Royals 4
Saturday: Twins 11 - Royals 6
Sunday: Twins 1 - Royals 4

But now it's time to get really serious. This series will make or break the entire season.

So guys, please take some great advice from your friend Henry Ford.

Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.
Go get 'em!


Fetch said...

Why I thought of this right now I don't know, but it's weird you have a quote from Henry Ford - a noted anti-semite - when tomorrow is Yom Kippur. Or really it's right now I guess.

Anyways, biggest debbie downer comment of all time?

k-bro said...

Thanks Fetch. That's a Debbie Downer alright.

Honestly, I remembered the quote, but had to look up who said it. I always thought it came out of a fortune cookie.

Fetch said...

I'm nothing if not a pessimist.