Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stuff to Do and Some Complaining to Do

Here's a couple of things to do in the next few days...

Tonight: Cue-up your Pink Floyd, put on your long-johns (and parkas, and ski caps, and choppers), and watch the total eclipse of the moon (visible in Minnesota).

Friday: FSN North Twins Classics will re-play Scott Baker's near perfect game from August 31, 2007 (hats-off to Becca for the heads-up).

Picking Bones

I'm mad at Sports Illustrated. I am subscribed to their automatic e-mail alert service, so whenever there is news about the Minnesota Twins, I get an email. The Twins are the only filter I have activated, so I should only get Twins news. But I want to scream at this service, "Just because someone is a former Twin, doesn't make everything he does Twins News!!!" It seems I get an email every time Johan picks up a ball or scratches his ass. I don't care! He's a Met now; this is Mets News. If he does something really special, fine, tell me. But otherwise, leave me alone. How am I supposed to get over him if I'm reminded of him 75 times a day? And where were these emails when he was a Twin? Seems the East-coast sports bias is alive and well.

And to top things off, I'll be finding this in my mailbox today:


Well, thank you for allowing me to vent.


Twins Sisters said...

I think I would throw that magazine right into my garbage can. Yuck! That picture makes me want to throw up. :-( Like you said, how can we get over losing him if we having to hear about him 75 times a day!

Tricia said...

This was not a pretty break-up between Johan and Twins fans. Sure, we might want to say, "You're a good guy, we can still be friends," but we can't help but feel like we got dumped for someone who is prettier, flashier and drives a nicer car. I imagine it will sting everytime we see him holding hands with his new girlfriend this season.

L said...

I'd cry if I found that in my mailbox, and then wonder who got me a subscription to SI. I have a bunch of friends who are Mets fans, and it's just painful. That, and one of them continuously changes my phone background to a picture of Johan in his Mets uniform...

Jen said...

Yeah, the Sports Illustrated cover thing. I think Aaron Gleeman said it best when he wrote about how Santana never made the cover as a Twin even though he’s been a top pitcher for the last few years.